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Welcome to my chess website.

Today, chess is one of the most popular gaming boards across the globe.

The chess game is available to all areas of interest such as for kids, young teenagers, and adult players.

I know that some of “you” are trying hard to pursue your interest to develop your skills level through the offline & online world.

Expert Says; The benefit of this game is will able to help your brain more advance, they called “[ IQ ]” compared to the normal person who doesn’t have an interest by playing it.

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A Little Story about my Chess Life

In the past, I don’t know how to play this stuff. So, when my friend of mine has given me a Christmas Gift like a small chessboard or a magnet board.

My friend just told me that you need to learn the basic moves. He knows that I am a math wizard in the class.

So, when I started playing and learning this intellectual sport from different levels of tournaments such as in schools, towns, & cities.

Fortunately, with my trials and errors, I’m lucky that my rated chess skills have become more battlefield compared to others.

Over time, my journey in chess became more fun & enjoyable.

So, after my graduation day in college & get married. My passion for chess will not stop there because I’m so addicted to this weird game.

So, I decided to look for new opportunities to expand my knowledge.

And I research online to continue my chess passion to learn for free & paid information in chess strategies & techniques so that my chess skills will improve a bit.

But I’m not an expert you’ll think about.

My goal is to enjoy my learning habits and making blogs so that you will benefit from my journey to improve your chess skills too for easy ways.


The Game has Changed

In the past, it’s so hard to learn because in our schools or near cities there are few chess books available and chess information on the net that can help you to learn chess quickly.

However, in today’s world by the power of new technology like [world wide web] will allow us to connect with each other and getting us connected to our chess passion.

We can play chess online via live streaming around all over the world.

It gets involved in Mobile APP by automated program against chess computer or real chess player.

So, you can play which standard level you want to join like beginners, advanced, and expert levels.

But today, it’s so easy to improve your chess skills by looking to the net, reading free chess strategies, watching chess video tutorials, or buying grandmaster books so that you can copy their techniques and styles.

They Say Perfect Practice, Leads To Perfection

I will agree! the key element for perfection is through practice, practice, practice no matter what kind of sports you wanted to belong with.

But following the master’s advice is the key advantage to create a massive amount of techniques when you play a game of chess.

Let’s talk about what’s my website Goal.

I created this site to help you out to learn and guiding you with all types of chess topics for board games and chess information to improve your chess talent and passion.

Here, you will learn some Helpful Chess Books, Chess DVD’s Tutorials, Chess Equipments, Chess-Themed & Accessories that will help your chess skills most advance compared to your opponent.

If you are so curious about my web blogs, feel free to leave a comment below.

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